The BARIGELLI Decanter continuous cycle mill, with various working  capacities ranging from about 500 to 9,000 kg / h of olives, is designed and constructed on the basis of a few but constant and fixed design principles, which elevate its quality, without distinction on the size of the plant itself.

Cold processing  (temperatures around 20/25 ° C)

Configuration with two or three steps (depending on  the customer’s need) ledger processing or not (depending on the type of activity of the olive-press)

Choice of the best materials (high quality stainless steel)

The line BARIGELLI Decanter is composed of a section of olives loading and washing, in which olives are discharged inside the tank, are defoliated, washed and transported to the crusher by means of a screw  elevator, then preparing the olives to milling. The BARIGELLI Decanter mill, works with 12 mobile hammers to crush the olives, without altering their quality; this happens thanks to the low operating temperatures and to the fact that there is no  dragging of the olives as it might happen in the case of fixed hammer crushers. Our mill is also standard equipped with mobile blades that keep clean the room around the crushing grid avoiding unpleasant problems of clogging and, something much more  important, to prevent  overheating of the pulp.

The crushed olives then pass automatically to the mixing preparation section, where the kneading is completed with operating temperatures of about 22/25 °. Our  kneaders, which are produced in several models, types and configurations tailored to the needs of the customer, are entirely made of stainless steel and are handled automatically by the software of the entire system in picking, opening, loading and unloading process.

Using a pump with a hopper,  the mixing is  subsequently sent to a centrifugal extractor, the core of the system, within which,  centrifugal acceleration will work the separation of  oil and olive husk, (vegetation water mixed to the remaining solid part of the olive paste in input). The oil leaving the decanter is then sent to the vibrating screen by means of which the excess parts of solid are eliminated and the output oil is transported, with a pump, to the vertical separation section where it ends its cycle and comes out ready for final use. The husk coming out from the exhaust of the decanter, instead, by means of a second pump or conveyor screw, is carried to suitable spaces and arranged for its accumulation, as it can be reused in different ways.


The whole cycle, then, is managed by a single electric control panel that controls and monitors each stage of processing.



The BARIGELLI Decanter also boasts the Hydraulic System,  an innovative system and ultimate in technology  that makes more effective and efficient oil extraction,  the output finished product, especially in large plants. This system, by adding optional centrifugal extractor, allows to adjust the differential speed between the screw and the drum in an automatic and continuous way. This allows to process different varieties of olives, especially in the case of ledger, obtaining always excellent efficiency of separation (oil, water, husk) and a high quality product. This system, therefore, allows to obtain a better quality oil produced from the processing and, according to the experience of BARIGELLI Decanter on domestic and international market, it is becoming a priority among millers.


Moreover, the BARIGELLI Decanter, relatively to the  JUNIOR model, i.e. the smallest in production, offers the possibility of setting up a whole mini-mill on transportable metal kid, pre-fitted at the workshop in Ascoli Piceno (AP). With the addition of an electricity generator, the mini-mobile crusher is ready to use, and this offers the possibility to mount it  on of the moving vehicle and run a door to door among the millers, or storing it in a place, in the end.