BARIGELLI DECANTRER SRL a signature of a handed down experience since 1995, comes from one of the business units of Baerigelli & Ciccarelli SPA Company  in the july 2007; it produces centrifugal extractor (Decanter) for National and Internation markets and its machines are used in several applications as olive oil extraction, industrial and ecological field. After about twenty years of experience, work, study, growth and development, BARIGELLI DECANTER SRL, has led over time its “lion” to become one of the leading brands in Italy and well known and appreciated in Europe, North Africa, Asia, Australia and America. Its main focus, that is the production and sale of centrifugals extractors and of complete fixed and mobiles plants, in the last years has expanded making available its factory and Technical Expertise, for overhauled machines, BARIGELLI plants revamping and others brands, and rental of mobile plants, where demand is growing.

Since the early months of 2012 BARIGELLI DECANTER SRL, moved from Cingoli (MC) to Ascoli Piceno (AP), was enriched with new enthusiasm and energy, thanks also to a young staff with experience, predisposed to the steady growth, willingness to improve and remain at the vanguard over times, from which it is composed.

In this regards is introduced the ALCI group, which BARIGELLI Decanter  belongs to , with about 50 employees, specialized in the different applications and leading company in the field of mechanical and industrial automation, in the vanguard in designing and construction of machines, complete plants and mass production of groups, machines and modules. With a precise mission, since its foundation the company has focused on innovation in order to cover the entire production cycle: research and development, engineering, design, manufacture, assembly, testing and service, giving more prominence to innovation and vanguard. The company is known for its continuous research for ameliorative solutions and reliability in the realization of the entire production process. It provides industrial maintenance to major Italian and foreign industries, allowing the completion of the inner production cycle, with obvious advantages in terms of quality and product reliability. The new reality BARIGELLI Decanter then, in the name of tradition and renewal started about twenty years ago, is an evidence of the soundness of a story in which foresight plays the main role.